Coaching – so what is it exactly?  For me, at its essence, it’s about taking time out to think about you and what’s important about how you live your life and manage your work.  People often get stuck in a rut and can only see things working in one dimension or from one perspective.  This can transfer itself into the work environment and lead to lack of clarity in decision making, poor performance and time wasting.

In a coaching session, you have the chance to turn all that on its head and re-evaluate what it is you want to get done and how to go about that. Coaching brings with it focus, clarity and a shift in energy that leads to positive change in all sorts of situations.

By talking through issues, maybe doing some exercises to help you look at these issues in a different way, it is possible to develop a whole new way of thinking about an issue and to find solutions to a problem that were by no means obvious beforehand. This new sense of clarity helps you create a plan of how to move forward and an increased confidence and motivation to do so. Quite simply, it means you achieve what you thought you couldn’t achieve!